What Are the Classifications, Advantages, and Applications of MTP Fiber Optic Patch Cord?

What are the types of MPO/MTP patch cords?

According to different standards, MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cords can be divided into different types:

  • According to the application, MPO/MTP backbone fiber optic patch cord and MTP branch fiber optic patch cord can be divided. MPO/MTP backbone fiber optic patch cords are connected to MPO/MTP connectors, while MTP branch fiber optic patch cords are connected to standard LC/FC/SC/ST/MTRJ connectors (usually MPO/MTP-LC).

  • According to the type of connector, there are female MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cord and male MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cord.

  • According to the transmission mode, there are MPO/MTP single-mode fiber optic patch cord and MPO/MTP multimode fiber optic patch cord.

What are the applications of MTP fiber optic patch cord?

MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cord can be used in various applications, such as backbone networks, fiber distribution, high-density data center environments, warehouses, ribbon cable terminations, quick repair settings and playback system solutions, as well as parallel optical interconnects between servers.

MTP/MPO fiber fiber optic patch cord is designed specifically for high-density applications in data centers, fulfilling the requirements of all networks and equipment, much like 100G modules. It is widely used in environments where high-density integration of fiber optic cables is needed during the wiring process.

In addition to these common applications, MPO/MTP backbone patch cords and MTP branch patch cords also have their own special uses. MPO/MTP backbone patch cord can be 12-144 cores. These high-density multi-core MTP components are very suitable for backbone networks and data center applications that meet high-density requirements in limited space. MPO/MTP fan-out type components can be connected to equipment or panels with ST, SC, FDDI, ESCON connectors to meet various fiber wiring requirements. These components are pre-wired and can be used for patch panels and wall-mounted cabinets.

What are the different applications of MTP patch cord?

  • Use MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cord to achieve 100G QSFP28 optical module interconnection, thereby improving optical broadband performance.

  • Use MPO/MTP branch fiber optic patch cords to achieve 40G QSFP+ optical module-to-4x 10G data transmission, to achieve different network connection effects.

What are the advantages of MTP fiber optic patch cord?

  • Small diameter and small size, which increases the wiring aperture, thus greatly improving the wiring density and saving space costs.

  • The connector module is modular in design, easy to install, remove and connect, saves installation time, and indirectly saves labor costs in data center construction.

  • There are many types, and users can choose the corresponding MPO/MTP fiber optic patch cords according to different configuration requirements to meet different wiring needs.

  • It has excellent optical and mechanical performance and low insertion loss in high-speed network environments.

  • The microcore cable used provides maximum bending radius and the size and volume are relatively small.

Currently, MTP fiber optic patch cord is becoming more and more popular and are widely used in the market. MTP fiber optic patch cord is an important transmission equipment for upgrading from 10G to 40G/100G wiring in data centers due to its small diameter and small size advantages.

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