Mini PM Coupler (5:95)

Mini PM Coupler (5:95)
  • Mini PM Coupler (5:95)

Designed and produced by MEISU, this mini PM fiber coupler can split the input power stably in the splitting ratio of 5:95. And similar to the other PM coupler produced by MEISU, Mini PM Coupler (5:95) can also maintain the beam polarization during the use. Moreover, designed with multiple available channels, including 1× 2 and 2×2, this PM fiber optical coupler also comes with a compact packing case, which is specifically suitable for Fiber optic gyro (FOG).  

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

Mini PM Coupler (5:95) Features

Low insertion loss

High return loss

IL: 14.2/0.8dB      

PER: >20dB

Ultra-compact size

How pm fiber coupler Works

MEISU mini PM coupler 90:05 is similar with 1x2 PM fiber PLC Splitter. It is fabricated with waveguide chip, single channel polarization-maintaining fiber array as the input end and a 2 channel polarization-maintaining fiber array as output ports. However, different from regular fiber optic plc splitter that split the input power evenly, it will split the input power in the ratio of 95:5.

How pm fiber coupler Works
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