Mini PM Coupler (5:95)

Mini PM Coupler (5:95)
  • Mini PM Coupler (5:95)

Designed and produced by MEISU, this mini PM fiber coupler can split the input power stably in the splitting ratio of 5:95. And similar to the other PM coupler produced by MEISU, Mini PM Coupler (5:95) can also maintain the beam polarization during the use. Moreover, designed with multiple available channels, including 1× 2 and 2×2, this PM fiber optical coupler also comes with a compact packing case, which is specifically suitable for Fiber optic gyro (FOG).  

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

Mini PM Coupler (5:95) Features

Low insertion loss

High return loss

IL: 14.2/0.8dB      

PER: >20dB

Ultra-compact size

How It Works

MEISU mini PM coupler 90:05 is similar with 1x2 PM fiber PLC Splitter. It is fabricated with waveguide chip, single channel polarization-maintaining fiber array as the input end and a 2 channel polarization-maintaining fiber array as output ports. However, different from regular PLC splitter that split the input power evenly, it will split the input power in the ratio of 95:5.

How It Works
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