90° Bending FA -MT V Groove Linear Fiber Array

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MEISU's 90 degree Bending Fiber Arrays are fabricated with ultra small V-Groove substrate and special fibers of small bending radius. The compact dimensions with height less than 8mm makes it suitable for passive packaging in the board and ideal for connection on high speed silicon photonics transceiver modules.

It ensures high-coupling-efficiency optical interconnection when using a 90°-bent fiber array connector to deflect beams between surface-emitting lasers or surface-receiving photodiodes and optical layers embedded in a board.                                                                                     

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

90° FA-MT Features

Flat and compact design

High coupling efficiency

Fiber counts: 4, 8, 12

High precision of Core pitch:  +/-0.5um

Operating Temperature: -40℃~110℃

Fiber Type: SM / PM

How It Works

Inside of 90 degree bending Fiber Arrays, fibers are literally 90 degree bended to make it be able to couple into the PD/VCSEL or silicon chip that its transmitting and receiving optical signals is perpendicular to the substrate. This kind of design guarantees higher production and coupling efficiency. It is often used for grating coupling in silicon photonics.

How It Works
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