PM Fiber Optic Patch Cord

PM Patch Cord
  • PM Patch Cord

PM fiber patch cord is an important connection device to transmit polarization-maintaining optical signal and meanwhile, keep its polarization state unchanged.

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

PM Patch Cord Features



Key orientation: Any

Multiple options for connector type

How pm fiber patch cord Works

Normally, fiber optic patch cord can transmit line polarized light. Capable of realizing the high-precision measurement of physical quantity, PM patch cord can effectively ensure the direction of linear polarization and greatly improve the coherent signal-to-noise ratio.  

At present, MEISU's PM fiber patch cord are all offered in PANDA fiber with custom key orientation. As for the types of fiber patch cord provided by MEISU, they are currently available in FC termination in either UPC or APC polishing with customized length options.

How pm fiber patch cord Works
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