2D Matrix Fiber Array

2d matrix fiber array
  • 2d matrix fiber array

Two-dimensional M * N fiber array is a kind of fiber component that has many fibers arranged orderly and accurately in two-dimensional form, with arbitrary fiber core pitch. The pitch accuracy of 2D fiber array can be as small as 1um.

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

2D Fiber Array Features

Arbitrary pattern

Customer determined core pitch

Pitch accuracy<2um

Fiber type: SM/MM/PM

Compact Design

Customized solutions

Various materials (Glass / Ceramic)

The Video of 2D Matrix Fiber Array

The Video of 2D Matrix Fiber Array

How It Works

A 2D fiber array normally includes: a two-dimensional microwell glass/ceramic plate, metal housing, and M * N optical fibers. And it is described in the two-dimensional micro porous glass block for fixed fiber. The two-dimensional porous glass/ceramic plate is usually equipped with a number of a two-dimensional fiber array of tiny holes. M * N optical fiber goes through the small hole and fixed with adhesive. The metal case works as a support and protective cover to the fibers.

Two-dimensional fiber array is widely used in optical waveguide devices, integrated optics, optical imaging, etc. It is also a key component of two-dimensional optical collimator array. These array fiber collimators can be glued into a 2D array with high precision and all light channels are thus parallel.

How It Works
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