HT Fiber Device

High Temperature HT Fiber Device

HT Fiber Device

High-temperature resistant optical devices are becoming more and more necessary for sensors, high-precision material processing, laser transmission and other harsh environment. 

Up to now, MEISU has developed various high-temperature resistant optical devices not only with regular SM fiber, but also with PM fiber array by applying special high-temperature coating to the normal PM fiber, providing muiltiple choices for silicon photonic (SiPh) solder reflowable assembly at 270℃. Beisdes, there is also a 1000℃ resistant collimator specially designed for fiber sensing system.

Applications Based on Fiber Array and PM Fiber Devices

Custom Products for Micro-optical Interconnection of Different Fields.

  • Silicon Photonics
    Silicon Photonics
    Efficient coupling between traditional SMF28 and Siph chip is getting more and more critical in silicon photonics area. MEISU's series of linear fiber array is now here to make your optical coupling perfect!
  • Optical Communication ( OXC )
    Optical Communication ( OXC )
    Free-space optical crossconnect (OXC) is one of the key components for all-optical networking. Thanks to the 2D collimator array, the OXC is now scalable to large port numbers.
  • Multicore Fiber Application
    Multicore Fiber Application
    With the features of having the same optical path and the same interference characteristics, multicore fiber is not only suitable for conducting the application of optical communication but also capable of doing some optical sensing, optical fiber imaging and medical endoscope.
  • Optical Transceiver
    Optical Transceiver
    With the development of high-speed optical transceiver, fiber array, as a optical communication device, is now also being applied inside of optical module. MEISU's high temperature resistant fiber array can enable the reflow process of silicon photonic integration module.
  • Fiber Lens Lensed Fiber
    Fiber Lens Lensed Fiber
    Optical fiber lens can be used in optical fiber communication, optical fiber laser, industrial laser system and medical laser system. MEISU provides lensed fibers of different shape for different application.
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