MCF Fiber Array

MCF Fiber Array
  • MCF Fiber Array

Multi Core Fiber is a special optical fiber with multiple cores in one cladding. With the development of the relevant technology, the MCF application is becoming more and more widespread. In some cases, Multi-Core Fiber is needed to be coupled with the integrated optical chip. MEISU's multi-core fiber array are designed for this application. 

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

MCF Fiber Array Features

Fiber count: 2, 4, 8, 12

Core Pitch: 127μm, 250μm or customer specified

Pitch Tolerance:<0.5μm

How It Works

As multi core fiber is becoming an inevitable choice of breaking through the communication system capacity limit, multi-core Fiber Array will be a critical device for fiber alignment and connection. The installation structure of a multi-core fiber array includes a V-groove, multi-core fiber arranged in the V-groove, and a cover plate covered with a V-groove slot, through which the multi-core optical fiber is simultaneously pressed on the inner wall of both sides of the V-groove.

How It Works
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