Connecting Integrated
Micro-optical System with Fibers

Custom Fiber Array Units of High precision and tailored PM fiber optical assemblies for your
optical transimission & integration needs of any system.

Custom Fiber Array and PM Fiber Optical Components

MEISU specializes in precise custom fiber array sub-assemblies and PM fiber optical components and assemblies for different areas like integrated optics, sensoring, healthcare, spectroscopy, etc.

With a team have more than 20 years of experience in R&D and production of optical components, MEISU owns many patent techniques. All the experience and know-how in ultra-precise assembles have enabled us to effectively support our customers from designing their own fiber optical assemblies and sub-assembly to the final prototyping and realizing mass production.        

MEISU's original fiber array assembling platform offers multiple benefits over the conventional fabrication process. It allows the products with higher fiber counts, better tolerance, more variations, and lower cost to meet the needs of different clients. It simplifies the manufacturing to provide flexible solutions for not only lab R&D samples but also high volume manufacture. If you want to know more about the available application of optical communication with our products, welcome to find out more information in the "Solution" section. 

Over the years, MEISU has supplied cost-effective precision optical solutions for numerous fields covering from optical communication to autonomous vehicles, from healthcare to aerospace, from what we are working on to some other areas we still don't know yet.

No matter what your project is about, whether it is for the production of fiber array units or the perfect design of multi-core and lensed fiber, please reach us via email or call us at office time. We believe that with our experience and know-how, we can provide you with the most economical solutions that meet your needs.

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