Variable Fiber Optic Time-Delay Module

Variable Time-Delay Module
  • Variable Time-Delay Module

MEISU's variable time-dalay switch is a kind of fiber delay line with switching feature. This kind of fiber optic delay line normally includes several fiber coils of different length. This type of fiber switch is used to selecting different fiber coils to get different delay time. It is suitable for a wide range of step adjustable. When using this fiber delay line to switch to other path, only one pulse signal is needed and the power consumption is very low. You can get 2N of delay-mode if N groups of optical fiber rings are selected.

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

Variable Time-Delay Module Feature

Three groups integrated

Each group has 10 sets of fibers of different lengths that can be combined arbitrarily

Compact size: 170×160×6mm

How It Works

Optical fiber time-delay modules are widely used in optical fiber sensors, optical encoders, optical decoders or optical caches. Fiber is the core component of variable time-delay modules. The delayed time mainly depends on the length of the fiber and the refractive index of the fiber. MEISU's 3 in 1 variable time-delay module uses 3 groups of cascade optical switches to select fibers with different lengths or waveguides (which affect refractive index) so that different delay times can be obtained.

How It Works
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