Mechanical Optical Switch

Mechanical Optical Switch
  • Mechanical Optical Switch

MEISU's Mechanical Optical Switch is driven by a relay to control the prism to turn, thus switch the path. With several channels such as1x2, 1x4,2x2,  this optical switch is normally used for OLP (Optical Fiber Line Protection) system.

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

Mechanical Optical Switch Feature

1x1, 1x2, 2x2 Bypass

Latching and Non-latching

IL: 0.7dB  

Switching speed: 8ms

Epoxy-free on optical path

High isolation

How It Works

Mechanical optical switch is realized by using mechanical devices to move mirror or prism physically, thus to redirect optical signals to the desired output port.

The basic form of mechanical optical switch is 2X2, which means there are two optical fibers at the inlet and outlet. Typically, it can complete two connection states: parallel connection and cross connection. Optical switching unit with more channels can be composed of the basic 2X2 optical switch and the corresponding 1X2 optical switch cascaded and combined.

How It Works
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