Magneto Optical Switch

fast optical switch
  • fast optical switch

MEISU's Magneto-optical switch uses faraday magneto-optical effect for optical switching. Capable of changing the external magnetic field, this kind of magneto optical switch uses Faraday rotation to change the polarization plane of incident polarized light, so as to switch the optical paths. Compared with the traditional mechanical optical switch, magneto optical switch has the advantages of fast switching speed and high stability. While compared with other non-mechanical optical switch, it also holds the advantages of low driving voltage and small crosstalk. Naturally, it is now gradually gaining widespread usage in fiber networks.                                                                  

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

Magneto Fast Optical Switch Feature

Solid-state high speed                        

High Stability, High Reliability

Low driving voltage

Low cross talk            

Epoxy-free on Optical Path                      

Fail-safe latching

Build-in circulator and isolator functions

How It Works

Magneto optical switch is widely used in high-speed all-optical communication network. Normally, it is composed of PBS (polarization beam splitter), FR (Faraday rotator), displace (polarized light separator) and PBC (polarization beam combiner). During the use of magneto optical switch, light is firstly divided into mutual orthogonal polarization PBS, and then the magneto optical switch will change the polarization plane of incident polarized light by changing the external magnetic field, so as to eventually realize the function of the switch.

How It Works
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