MFD Matched Linear Fiber Array

MFD Matched Fiber Array
  • MFD Matched Fiber Array

Regular 10um fibers can hardly been coupled efficiently when they are used to align with silicon waveguild. Therefore, fibers with small mode field diameter (MFD) come into use. It can be fusion spliced to SMF28 fiber, working as a connecting bridge between regular 10um fiber and silicon chip. MEISU's MFD matched fiber array can be UHNA fiber spliced to regular sized SM fiber or PM fiber, keeping the splicing point as close as 7mm to the fiber array facet.

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

MFD Matched Fiber Array Features

Fiber count: 2, 4, 8, 12

Pitch Tolerance:<0.5μm

Insertion Loss:<0.5dB

Return Loss: >55dB

Fiber Type: SM / PM

Fiber MFD: 3.2μm, 3.3μm, 4μm, 5.5μm or other requested

End-face polish angle: 0°, 8° or customer specified

MFD Matched Fiber Array Specifications

Diameterφ 400mm
LED Type5mm  DIP
Color-WavelengthRed 620~630nm, Amber 590~594nm
Luminous Intensity≥16000mcd/led  (8pcs leds )
EMCacc. to IEC60598-2-3
Solar Panel
(Monocrystalline silicon )
Monocrystalline 5.5V/0.8W
lithium batteryFe battery 1400mAH/3.2V
Working Temperature-10℃ ~ +55℃
Ingress ProtectionIP55 acc. to EN 60529
Material of Lens/HousingUV-stabilized polycarbonate
Color of HousingYellow
Product Size400*385*102mm
Continuous Working Period during cloudy and rainy days:  14 days after battery fully charged (only light on at night)

How It Works

MFD matched Fiber Array is assembled by fusing two types of fiber with different MFD (Mode Field Diameter) together, to realize optical transmission from ordinary single-mode fiber to small fiber mode field, polarization maintaining optical fiber to ordinary single mode fiber and single mode fiber to multimode optical fiber, etc.

How It Works
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