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MCF Multicore Fiber Fanout

MCF Multicore Fiber Fanout
  • MCF Multicore Fiber Fanout
  • MCF Fanout

Multicore Fiber Fanout, or the so-called MCF Fiber, is a special optical fiber with multiple cores in one cladding. At present, the application of multi-core optical fiber is gradually becoming more and more widespread. It is normally used to connect with the traditional single-core fiber system. MEISU's multi-core fiber fanout cable can make the multi-core optical fiber be processed and be compatible with regular fiber system. 

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

MCF Fanout Features

Number of cores: 4, 7, 8

Insertion Loss<1.5dB

High data rates

Package Dimensions 4x7x60mm

Scalable manufacturing technique

How It Works

Current optical communication network grows in a ratio of 20% to 60%, but single core fiber system has many limitations. Thus,  breaking through the communication system capacity limit, Multicore Fiber Fanout gradually becomes the inevitable choice in the industry. Multi-core fiber (MCF) has multiple fiber cores in a common cladding area. Its fiber density can be increased by many times. To connect a single core fiber into a multi-core fiber, MCF fiber fan-out is needed. Multi-core fiber fan-out cable is designed to guide light from a 4/7/8 core fiber into 4/7/8 separate SMF28 fiber pigtail.

How It Works
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