MCF Multicore Fiber Fanout

MCF Multicore Fiber Fanout
  • MCF Multicore Fiber Fanout
  • multicore fiber fanout

Multicore Fiber Fanout, or the so-called MCF Fiber, is a special optical fiber with multiple cores in one cladding. At present, the application of multicore fiber is gradually becoming more and more widespread. It is normally used to connect with the traditional single-core fiber system. MEISU's multi-core fiber fanout cable and fanout service can make the multi-core optical fiber be processed and be compatible with regular fiber system. 

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

Multicore Fiber Fanout MCF Features

MCF fiber is increasingly for applications, from 3D shape sensing to space division multiplexing. Multicore fiber fanout are typically shipped in spliced pairs. Here are the features of MCF Fanout:  

Number of cores: 4, 7, 8

Insertion Loss<1.5dB

High data rates

Package Dimensions 4x7x60mm

Scalable manufacturing technique

How Multicore Fiber Fanout Works

Current optical communication network grows in a ratio of 20% to 60%, but single core fiber system has many limitations. Thus,  breaking through the communication system capacity limit, Multicore Fiber Fanout gradually becomes the inevitable choice in the industry. Multi-core fiber (MCF) has multiple fiber cores in a common cladding area. Its fiber density can be increased by many times. To connect a single core fiber into a multi-core fiber, MCF fiber fan-out is needed. Multi-core fiber fan-out cable is designed to guide light from a 4/7/8 core fiber into 4/7/8 separate SMF28 fiber pigtail.

How Multicore Fiber Fanout Works
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