45° FA -MT V Groove Linear Fiber Array

45 famt v groove linear fiber array
  • 45 famt v groove linear fiber array

MEISU's 45 degree fiber array is a V-groove based fiber array with fiber tip or block end face polished 45 degree (or other similar degree as customer requested) to achieve 90 degree reflection to the beam. Its angular tolerance can be controlled to +/-0.3 degree; As an important sub-type of the tranditional linear fiber array, 45 degree fiber array can be an efficient and economical solution for light aligning to the grating coupler on the chip. Customers can also specify the polishing angle of fiber array to realize certain incident light angle. 

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

45°FA-MT Fiber Array Features

High precision (0.5um / 0.3°)

Compact Size

Custom polished angle and dimension

Minimum Lid thickness: 0.1mm

Wide Operation temperature -40℃~110℃

Fiber Type: SM/MM/PM

Idea for High-speed and high-density parallel transmission

How 45°FA-MT Fiber Array Works

45º fiber array, as the critical parallel optical transmission assembly for parallel optical transceiver, its facet or fiber tips are normally polished to ~45° to form an optical reflection surface, thus realize a parallel one-to-one 90° optical path coupled into the PD/VCSEL or silicon chip that its transmitting and receiving optical signals is perpendicular to the substrate.

How 45°FA-MT Fiber Array Works
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