Multi-core Pigtail

multi core pigtail
  • multi core pigtail

With self-developed fiber corroding process, it can be applied to different kinds of fibers.

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

The Features of Multi-core Pigtail

Arbitrary pattern

Fiber type: SM/MM/PM

Compact Design

Customized solutions

How It Works

Multi-core pigtail is fabricated by insert cladding corroded fibers into square hole of the round high borosilicate glass ferrule, fiber density increased, single mode fiber cladding can be reduced to 40μm, one single pigtail could be up to 162 channels (11x15).By controll the cladding prcisely (±0.1μm), the fibers close-packed in the capillary, reduce spacing and beam angle, to achieve outstanding optical performance. Tubing the end of the copillary with glass tube or meltal ferrule to protect the fiber from broken.

How It Works
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