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In some optical application, lens, reflector and other micro-optics components are normally needed to be assembled on optical fibers' end face. We can also process the fiber tip into a kind of lens. At present, MEISU has the first-class optical fiber lens processing technology, and we have independently developed a complete set of optical fiber lens grinding equipment, which can produce various shapes of optical lensed fiber arrays with low cost and high precision. With the optical fiber lens grinding equipment, MEISU can also test the optical spot, far-field and other parameters of the lens.

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

Lensed Fiber Features

Highly customizable

Type of lens: conical /angled lens

Type of fiber: SM / MM / PM

Customer determined striped length

With / without AR coating

High coupling efficiency

Easy to use and reliable

How It Works

Optical fiber lens, is a kind of special optical fiber. It is made by grinding the tip of the fiber into the shape of a certain lens such as angle-polished, wedge-shaped, and tapered. The optical fiber lens is used to minimize the spot size, change the optical path, or transform the optical mode in the optical system.

This kind of lens can also be arranged into V-grooves to form a lensed fiber array, with customized pitch and spot size. It is normally used to align with silicon photonic chip which has smaller MFD than regular fiber. Moreover, the lensed fiber array with reduced MFD can also couple the beam into chips efficiently.

How It Works
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