2D Optical Fiber Collimator Array

2d collimator array
  • 2d collimator array

Traditional optical fiber collimator is the basic component of optical fiber communication device. However, with the development trend of integration and miniaturization, fiber optical switch, optical cross connection such as N * M equipment, and wavelength selection switch are now all needed to start using densely arranged collimator arrays; whereas, the existing single fiber collimator is too big to be applied. Therefore, 2D optical fiber collimator arrays with precise pitch have now gradually become the necessary choices for numerous optical integrated devices.

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

The Features of 2D Array Fiber Collimators

Arbitrary arrangement

Customer determined core pitch

Pitch accuracy<2um

Customized working distance and spot size

Fiber type: SM/MM/PM

Customized solutions

Various materials (Glass / Ceramic)

How It Works

A 2-D collimator array normally includes a housing that fixes the distance between the optical fiber array and the lens array, a 2D fiber array holding multiple optical fibers arranged in M*N, and an M*N lens array that is used to receive the incident beam transmitted by the fiber array. And each lens in the lens array is arranged at the optical path position of each fiber head in the fiber array in a one-to-one correspondence. Glue will be applied between the end face of the shell and the lens array once the positions are all set well.

How It Works
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