192/256ch Fiber Array

192/256ch Fiber Array 256CH
  • 192/256ch Fiber Array 256CH

Fiber arrays with ultra high number of fiber count are made by packing fibers in a row as close as possible. They can normally transmit several beams parallelly and be used in optical fiber image transmission, laser printing, laser phototypesetting and high number of channel planar lightwave circuit devices etc.

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

192/256ch Fiber Array Features

Fiber count: 128, 192, 256

Core Pitch: 127μm

Pitch Tolerance:<1.0μm

Fiber Type: SM, MM

How It Works

192/256ch Fiber Array is a kind of linear fiber array that multiple fibers are closely arranged one by one in a row for optical fiber dense - row scanning imaging technology which is related to Image transmission, laser typesetting, optical measurement and 3D printing.

One of the main schemes to realize multi-channel optical scanning is to use multiple semiconductor lasers and multi-channel fiber array to construct a point-line array as the object plane, and then image on the image plane (film or exposure plate surface) according to a certain proportion through the imaging system, so as to realize multi-channel scanning.

How It Works
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