HT (260℃) High Temperature Fiber Optic Connector Sensor

  • HT(270℃)Connector

High temperature resistant connector uses special fiber with high temperature survivable coating and special epoxy, which makes it resistant for 260°C and reflowable as well.

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

HT(260℃)Connector Feature

Fiber Type: SM, MM, PM, Transmitting energy fiber

Connector Type: FC/UPC, FC/APC, SMA905

High-temperature Resistant fiber and fiber jacket

How It Works

Connector is a device for detachable connection between optical fiber and optical fiber. The fiber is fixed in the ceramic core, and the end face of the ceramic core is precisely ground into arc face (UPC) or Angle face (APC). The optical path connection is completed by precise coaxial alignment of the end face of the two ceramic cores through the adapter. HT(260℃)Connector is specifically created to meet the requirements of lead-free reflow and other high temperature environment.

How It Works
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