HT (1000℃) High Temperature Fiber Optic Collimator & Focuser

HT(1000℃) Collimator
  • HT(1000℃) Collimator

High temperature (1000℃) Fiber Optic Collimator & Focuser normally consists of a HT fiber such as gold-coated fiber, HT epoxy and optical lens.  As for the characteristics of MEISU's high-temperature fiber collimator and focuser, it is 1000℃ resistable and extremely suitable for high-temperature fiber sensoring system.

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

HT(1000℃)Collimator Feature

Operating Temperature: 500℃, 750℃, 1000℃

Fiber Type: Sapphire fiber or Gold plated optical fiber

How It Works

Collimator is an optical device that converts a divergent beam into a parallel beam. Generally, the optical fiber collimator is used for collimating light sources and gaussian beam transmitted in optical fibers so that the coupling efficiency from fiber to fiber can be further improved.

The innovation of the high temperature collimator greatly expanded the application range of fiber collimator to harsh environment up to 1000℃.

How It Works
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