• 1
    How Can I Place An Order?

    Please contact us via email, we will issue INVOICE based on your purchase order.

  • 2
    Can I Made payment by Credit Card?

    Bank wire transfer is the only way for us to receive payment.

  • 3
    Price Term

    All the quotations we made are EXW price.

  • 4
    Do You Request MOQ?

    Normally there is MOQ 5pcs, for some special items, the MOQ is negotiable.

  • 5
    Do You Have Warehouse Out Of China?

    Our plant in Guangdong, CHINA is the only place for production and shipment. Most of our products are tailored based on the client's demand, it is hard to keep stock unless clients requested in advance.

  • 6
    Do You Have Any Fiber Array With Pm Fiber Ribbon Or Do You Have Any Pm Fiber Ribbon

    Yes. MEISU can fabricate PM fiber into 1D fiber array or 2D fiber array, and ribbonize individual PM fiber array to a ribbon as well.

  • 7
    What Is The Main Difference Between Lidless Fiber Array And Ultra-thin Fiber Array?

    Lidless is linear fiber array fabricated only with V-groove substrate, no lid, it can be as thin as 0.53mm.

    Ultra-thin fiber array are assembled with both v-groove and lid, but the thickness can be as small as 0.5mm and 0.1mm respectively; Because of the lid covering fibers and adhesive, ultra-thin fiber array is with better reliability, if the fiber array will be exposed to air, we suggest using ultra-thin FA.

  • 8
    Regarding The 2D Fiber Array, What Is The Main Difference Between Glass Faceplate And Ceramic Faceplate?

    Ceramic faceplate: fiber pitch tolerance<2um; No developing cost, better for sample orders.

    Glass faceplate: fiber pitch tolerance<1um; high developing cost at early stage, more economical for mass production.

  • 9
    What Is The Minimum Fiber Pitch Can You Achieve For A Linear Fiber Array?

    It depends on the fiber cladding diameter. Normally the minimum fiber pitch is 2um more than the fiber cladding diameter.

  • 10
    What Is The Minimum Fiber Pitch Can You Achieve For A 2D Fiber Array?


    Smaller fiber pitch can be realized by packing fibers closely into fiber bundle.

  • 11
    What Is The Thinnest Lid You Can Do?


  • 12
    What Is The Smallest Thickness For A V-groove Substrate?


  • 13
    Is The Top Of Adhesive On Fa Backside Lower Than Top Of Lid?

    Yes, top of the adhesive (stress relief area) is lower, making it easier to couple to PIC.

  • 14
    Can You Do Fiber Array With Special Fibers?

    Technically, we can assemble fiber array with any fiber, as long as the fibers are available in the market.

  • 15
    What Is The Difference Between Fiber Bundle And 2D Fiber Array?

    Fiber bundle is made by packing all the fibers closely together, the fiber core pitch is the fiber cladding diameter; 2D fiber array is made by inserting fibers into small holes with certain requested core pitch.

  • 16
    Can You Do MFD Matched Fiber Array (Mode Convert Fiber) For PM Fiber?

    Yes, we can fuse UHNA PM fiber to regular PM fiber.

  • 17
    What Is Your Production Capacity For Fiber Array?

    Different capacity for different type of fiber array, we can have the capacity ramp up to meet your demand as long as customer give us a demand schedule one month ahead.

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