Ultrasmall Linear Fiber Array

ultrasmall linear fiber array
  • ultrasmall linear fiber array

Ultrasmall fiber array specifically can be ultra short (2.5mm), ultra narrow(1mm) and ultra thin (0.6mm) to meet different applications. Ultra-short variant is an economical alternative to 90-degree FAUs used in surface fiber-to-chip coupling; Ultra-narrow and ultra-thin ones are normally needed in edge fiber-to-chip coupling with parallel optical architectures.

MFD matched Fiber Array Feature

Ultrasmall Fiber Array Features

Highly Customizable

Fiber counts: 4, 8, 12, 24

High precision of Core pitch:  +/-0.5um

Fiber Type: SM/PM/MM

Ultra-short 1.5mm(250μm,0°)

V-groove thickness 0.5mm

Lid thickness 0.10mm

Ultra-narrow 0.5mm(2ch 127μm) / 1mm(3ch 250μm)

How It Works

Ultra-small fiber array can be ultra-thin, ultra-narrow or ultra-short, or their combination. The choose of different types of ultra-small fiber array usually depends on the usage environment. Ultra-thin type is used for space with height limit. Ultra-narrow type is typically used for space with width limit, and ultra-short is for environment with length limit.

How It Works
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