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  • The Basic Principle of Fiber Collimator
    Dec 07 , 2020
    The fiber collimator is an important component in optical passive devices, which is widely used in optical communication systems. It is composed of a single-mode pigtail fiber as well as a collimating...
  • The Application of 2D Fiber Array
    Dec 04 , 2020
    2D fiber array is the longitudinal expansion of the one-dimensional fiber array, which can obtain a high-density optical fiber arrangement to meet the requirements of high-throughput information trans...
  • The Characteristics of 2D Fiber Array
    Dec 01 , 2020
    2D fiber array, which is a longitudinal extension of one-dimensional fiber array,is to arrange multiple fibers into the required geometric shape, so as to obtain a high-density fiber array. The MEISU ...
  • Optical Array Knowledge
    Optical Array Knowledge
    Aug 17 , 2020
    An regular optical fiber array includes a V-groovedsubstrate for holding a plurality of optical fibers ( up tohundreds ) and a lid for pressing the fibers