Characteristics and Applications of 2D Matrix Fiber Array

Fiber array (FA) has been widely used in optical communications and other fields. With the expansion of application fields, the demand for high-speed, high-density fiber transmission has become more and more urgent, and it will become inevitable to expand the one-dimensional fiber array into a 2D fiber array.

1. 2D fiber array processing requirements

The 2D fiber array requires extremely high fiber positioning accuracy to ensure the precise alignment of the micron-level fiber core diameter, which places high requirements on processing and manufacturing. Common micro-machining technologies, such as micro-EDM and pulsed laser processing, due to the limited accuracy of the processing platform and the uncontrollable processing, can only be used for low-precision 2D fiber arrays.

Silicon microfabrication technology utilizes the lithography technology in integrated circuits. It has the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy, no cumulative error, and batch processing due to parallel processing. It is the first choice for fiber array manufacturing molds, and it is also the best choice for 2D fiber array manufacturing molds.

We provide 2D fiber array, allowing sub-micron fiber arrays in a 2D matrix to meet customer requirements. The fiber array unit can be placed in a metal flange for easy handling. The fiber can be protected by a pipe and terminated by any type of optical connector (single fiber or multi-fiber).

2. The characteristics of 2D fiber array

Single-mode or multi-mode fiber; provide customized solutions; various materials (borosilicate, fused silica); core deviation <1 µm.

3. The application of 2D fiber array

Optical switch/telecommunications industry; optical sensor/test and measurement; multi-channel rotary joint/medical industry; fiber connection to optical integrated circuit (IPD)/semiconductor industry; fiber laser.

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