The Fiber Array Can be Also Used in Astronomical Telescopes!

Ⅰ. Application background of fiber array

The astronomical telescope is the main tool for observing and capturing celestial bodies. Since Galileo made the first telescope in 1609, the telescope has been developing continuously. From the optical band to the full band, from the ground to the space, the telescope observation ability is getting stronger and stronger, and can capture more and more information of the celestial bodies. At present, human beings have telescopes in electromagnetic wave, neutrino, gravitational wave, cosmic ray and others.

Ⅱ. The case of fiber array applied to astronomical telescope

However, to further develop the astronomical telescope, there are already examples of applying the fiber array to the astronomical telescope. For example, the Gemini South Telescope is equipped with dual target, large area, full wavelength and long spectrum, with a range of 363 to 950nm and a resolution of 50,000 to 75000. Each fiber carries a portion of the light beam from the star, minimizing losses due to atmospheric blurring. By adopting the advanced manufacturing technology of fiber array, problems of pointing error and insertion loss of traditional optical fiber are reduced. The new astronomical observatory allows observers to observe the night sky more efficiently.

As an advanced technology enterprise, Zhongshan Meisu Technology Co., Ltd. has several patented technologies. We are constantly challenging ourselves to meet the needs of our customers with innovative designs and are always committed to research and development. We believe that we will develop more applications of the fiber array in the near future.

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