Precautions and Connections for Using Optical Fiber Jumpers

There are three main types of fiber optic jumpers according to the type of termination: ST-ST, SC-SC, and ST-SC. According to the type of optical fiber, there are mainly two types: single-mode optical fiber and multi-mode optical fiber. The specifications of the jumper length are 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m, etc. According to the outer sheath material of the cable, it can be divided into ordinary type, ordinary flame-retardant type, low-smoke halogen-free type, low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant type, etc.

Ⅰ. Matters needing attention in the use of fiber optic jumpers

1. Do not bend or loop the optical fiber excessively during use, as this will increase the attenuation of light during transmission.

2. The transmit and receive wavelengths of the optical modules at both ends of the fiber jumper must be the same, that is to say, the two ends of the fiber must be optical modules with the same wavelength. The simple way to distinguish is that the colors of the optical modules must be consistent.

3. After using the optical fiber jumper, the optical fiber connector must be protected with a protective sleeve. Dust and oil will damage the coupling of the optical fiber.

Ⅱ. How to connect the fiber optic jumper?

Optical fiber jumper is also called (fiber optic connector) is a detachable (movable) connection device between optical fiber and optical fiber, so how to connect the optical fiber jumper correctly, what kind of optical fiber jumper is better?

The optical fiber jumper is to connect the two ends of the optical fiber, so that the optical energy output by the transmitting optical fiber can be coupled to the receiving optical fiber to the maximum extent, and the impact on the system due to its intervention in the optical link is minimized.

The optical fiber is divided into single-mode and dual-mode. The transmission distance of single-mode is about 1500, and that of dual-mode can reach more than 10 kilometers. Optical fiber can be converted to RJ45 ordinary network cable or RS232 cable signal through optical transceiver.

Optical fiber jumpers are generally connected to optical splitters or optical distribution frames, and optical fiber jumpers are connected to optical transceivers, which can convert optical signals into electrical signals that we usually use. Optical fiber jumpers are used to connect devices at both ends. Usually, the fiber optic box is the ST head, the switch fiber module is the LC head, the fiber optic transceiver is the sc head, and the optical transceiver and ODF frame are the fc head.

Optical fiber jumpers are used to connect two optical fiber devices. There are many types, such as ST-ST, ST-LC, LC-LC, ST-SC, etc. The type you choose depends on whether your optical fiber device interface is ST or LC. Or SC's. The jumper is also divided into single and dual mode.

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