How To Select MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cables?

Currently, MPO jumpers are widely used in high-speed and high-density data center cabling, and their quality determines the stability and sustainability of the entire data center network. So, what factors should we consider when choosing MPO jumpers? Below, we will introduce the purchasing guide for MPO jumper.

Choose MPO jumpers with low insertion loss

Insertion loss is one of the key factors affecting the performance of fiber optic networks. The smaller the insertion loss, the better the transmission performance. In general, the insertion loss of MTP/MPO multimode fiber jumpers should not exceed 0.6dB, and the insertion loss of single-mode MTP/MPO fiber jumpers should not exceed 0.75dB.

For single-mode and multimode MTP/MPO fiber jumpers with low insertion loss (high quality), the insertion loss is usually required to be no more than 0.35dB.

When choosing MTP/MPO fiber jumpers, you can choose suppliers who provide insertion loss test reports.

The jacket of MTP/MPO jumpers can be made of different materials

These materials have different fire resistance properties, and can be divided into polyvinyl chloride (PVC), low-smoke and halogen-free retardant (LSZH), etc., most of which have good flame retardant properties.

If there are higher requirements for the installation environment, such as ceiling and raised floor, it is best to choose MTP/MPO fiber jumpers with higher flame retardant grades, so that they are not easy to burn or smoke in case of fire.

When purchasing MTP/MPO fiber jumpers, you can directly check the flame retardant grade on the protective jacket, and then choose the appropriate MTP/MPO fiber jumper according to the actual application environment of the protective jacket and flame retardant grade of the fiber jumper.

In order to ensure that the fiber optic connector has qualified or higher performance, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has developed the IEC61300-3-35 standard to define whether the connector end face is qualified.

The end face of the MTP/MPO jumper connector is divided into four areas: the core area, the cladding area, the adhesive edge area, and the insertion surface.

It has requirements for scratches and defects in each area inside the connection. Scratches represent permanent linear surface features. Defects include all detectable non-linear features on the fiber, including particles, other debris, pits, chips, edge cracks, etc. The cleaner the end face, the better the jumper transmission signal quality. Therefore, if you need to purchase high-quality MTP/MPO fiber jumpers, you can choose MEISU.

MEISU is becoming an important participant in fiber optic components and polarization-maintaining fiber optic components business. We have established cooperative relationships with more than 500 companies in different fields at home and abroad, and are committed to providing additional value to customers through providing reliable products and first-class services. Feel free to contact us.

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