Knowledge about V Groove Fiber Array

The V groove fiber array is an array formed by using a V-groove substrate to install a bundle of optical fibers or a fiber ribbon on the substrate at specified intervals. The machining process of the optical fiber array is that the bare optical fiber part from which the optical fiber coating is removed is placed in the V-shaped groove, pressed by the presser parts and bonded by the adhesive, the surface is finally ground and polished to the required precision. At the front end, the optical fiber is precisely positioned to be connected to the PLC, and the splices of different optical fibers are mounted on the substrate.

The V groove fiber array is mainly used to transmit information in optical communication, and it can also transmit images directly. Many optical fibers are arranged in a certain order into the geometric shape to form an optical fiber array unit, the optical fibers at both ends of the array are arranged in one-to-one correspondence, a optical fiber in the array is equivalent to a pixel, and the optical image at one end of the optical fiber array will be reproduced at the other end of the array. Various optical fiber endoscopes in medicine are based on this principle.

With the development of the communication field, the demand of high-speed, high-density optical fiber transmission is becoming more and more urgent. It is inevitable to expand the one-dimensional optical fiber array into a two-dimensional optical fiber array (2D fiber array, that is, optical fiber array).

Applications: planar optical waveguides, arrayed waveguide gratings; active/passive array optical fiber devices, micro-electromechanical systems; multi-channel optical modules.

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