Introduction of Several Uncommon Optical Fiber Arrays

Ⅰ. Different kinds of fiber arrays

For the common fiber array, we all know it very well. Today, we will introduce several uncommon fiber arrays, which are not necessarily the latest products. The product structure and application sites are relatively rare. Maybe you have known about them for a long time, but you can learn more about them together.

Ⅱ. Several uncommon optical fiber arrays

1. Fiber collimator array

Fiber collimator array is the combination of conventional single or double fiber collimator with glass capillary, G-ens or C-ens lens. If the conventional grinding 8 degree fiber array is added with lens, there will be problems in optical alignment and lens array fixing.

2. Lensed fiber array

The protruding fiber array is different from the common fiber array which is polished at a certain angle. The protruding fiber is processed into lensed fiber.

3. 90° optical-turn fiber array

45° fiber array is coupled with VCSEL or Pd by 90° angle of optical path through total reflection of end face. This method has high coupling efficiency, but it is difficult due to 45° end face grinding process, high manufacturing cost and low yield. However, some manufacturers choose to turn the optical cable 90 degrees directly, which saves the cost of 45 degrees and reduces the difficulty. However, direct alignment coupling will cause certain angle mismatch, and the coupling efficiency is less than that of 45 degrees optical fiber array.

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