What Are Methods for MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cords?

Based on factors that affect the performance and maintenance of fiber optic jumpers, we can draw six methods to improve the flexibility and reliability of MPO fiber optic jumpers:

Pay attention to the bending radius of MPO jumpers

Generally, the bending radius of fiber optic jumpers with diameters of 1.6mm and 3.0mm should not be less than 3.5cm, while that of MPO fiber optic jumpers should not be less than 10 times their diameter.

Do not pull or squeeze MPO jumpers

When installing fiber optic jumpers, excessive force may exert pressure on the jumper and the connectors at both ends, affecting its performance. Note that if you need to use great force to pull a fiber optic jumper, there may be some problems.

Route the jumpers according to the path of MPO jumpers

If the existing jumper length meets current applications, the jumper can be reused. However, you still need to remove the jumper from the fiber distribution frame and reinstall it along a new path to ensure that the jumper is not tangled, bent, or subject to stretching or squeezing.

To effectively route jumpers, a suitable path should be found for the jumper between two ports, while avoiding jumper entanglement and crowding.

Use bundling or tying to manage MPO jumpers

This can make the panel look neat, but tightly bundling MPO fiber optic jumpers may increase the risk of excessive squeezing. To avoid this problem, it is appropriate to "release" MPO fiber optic jumpers to allow them to move freely.

Labeling MPO jumpers is a necessary task

It is one of the most important tasks for network system administrators. Proper labeling at any management point of the network cabling infrastructure (including patch panels) is necessary so that network technicians can accurately identify the starting and ending points of fiber cables.

Check whether MPO jumpers have physical damage, including pressure marks caused by sudden bending of the sheath and connector damage

The management methods for MPO fiber optic jumpers and MPO ribbon fiber optic jumpers can strengthen the management of the fiber optic jumpers, which not only increases the reliability and flexibility of the fiber optic network system but also reduces the operating and maintenance costs of the fiber optic network. Especially, our fiber optic products meet international and domestic standards such as ICE, ROSH, and YD/T. If you have fiber optic product needs, you might consider our company MEISU.

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