The Performance Advantages of Magneto Optical Switch

The magneto optical switch using the Faraday magneto optical effect changes the effect of the magneto optical crystal on the polarization plane of incident polarized light by changing the external magnetic field, thereby achieving the effect of switching the optical path. In real life use, what are the performance advantages of magneto optical switch?

1. The magneto optical switch has the characteristics of slender structure, flexibility, large-scale high-density integration and expansion, and can design various ways of magneto optical switch array integration.

2. Magneto optical switch has the characteristics of reduced volume, improved magnetic field utilization, reduced energy consumption and reduced driving voltage, which is very convenient and efficient in actual use.

3. On account of that the magneto optical material in magneto optical switch has the characteristics of a wide variety and wide application, and with the development of laser, optical fiber communication and other fields, various types of magneto optical material such as magneto optical glass, magneto optical film, magneto optical photonic crystal and magnetic liquid have also developed rapidly, which makes it possible to realize and apply magneto optical switch in all-optical networks.

4. This kind of switch does not require a power source, and the closed state of the switch is controlled by magnetic induction. When the magnetic or iron trigger is close to the switch magnetic field, it is closed under the action of the internal magnetic force inside the switch, so it has the characteristics of non-contact, maintenance-free as well as environmental protection and so on.

5. Because the magneto optical switch uses the Faraday effect, fiber-type polarization splitter/combiner, magneto optical crystal/magneto optical glass fiber, nanosecond pulse generator and high-speed magnetic field control technology, it generally has the characteristics of simple structure, fast switching speed and high integration.

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