Structure and Polarity Classification of MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Structure of MPO jumper

MPO fiber jumpers are composed of connectors and optical cables, They are a high-density fiber transmission jumper. MPO connector is one of the MT series connectors, which is a plug-in connector with multiple cores and channels. The plug-in pins of the MT series all use two guide holes (also called PIN pins) with a diameter of 0.7mm on the left and right sides of the ferrule end face for accurate connection.

The main features of MPO connectors are compact design and multiple jumper cores. MPO connectors have the same size as SC connectors but can accommodate 12 or 24 fibers. Therefore, MPO patch cord can greatly save cabinet wiring space.

Polarity classification of MPO jumper

Currently, MPO connectors are designed with 8, 12, 24, 48, 72, 144 cores. Among them, 12 and 24-core MPO patch cords are more commonly used. 40G MPO-MPO fiber jumpers generally use 12-core MPO multimode plugs; 100G MPO-MPO fiber jumpers generally use 24-core MPO plugs.

MPO fiber connectors include fiber, sheath, coupling components, metal rings, pins, dust caps, etc., and the pin part is divided into male and female forms. The male connector has two PIN pins, while the female connector does not. The connection between MPO connectors is accurately aligned through PIN pins. When docking the connectors, the spring installed at the end of the ferrule will provide a pushing force to lock it with the adapter. One side of the connector body has a "key" with "concave and convex", which is used to limit the relative position of the connection head, that is, P1, P2, etc. There is a mark called "white dot" on the side of the connector body, which is used to specify the insertion side of the connector.

Generally, one optical link requires two fibers to complete the entire transmission process. Polarity is the interconnection matching between the transmitting end (Tx) and the receiving end (Rx) of the optical fiber link.

Compared with other fiber connectors, MPO connectors have the characteristics of small volume, high precision and large density. Its appearance greatly improves the popularity of optical networks and reduces production costs. Therefore, MPO patch cord is widely used in high-density integrated fiber line environments required in wiring process, such as FTTX and connection applications inside and outside 40/100G SFP, SFP+ and other receiving and transmitting modules or devices.

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