The Application of Magneto Optical Switch

Ⅰ. The application of magneto optical switch

Magneto optical switching elements and their applications in multi-stable switches, optical shutters, modulators, and attenuators are mainly used in high-speed all-optical communication networks, optical cross-connectors for optical communications, and various applications optical path monitoring and data networks, maintenance systems, optical fiber sensor systems as well as optical fiber measurement systems. In addition, they can be widely used in optical fiber communication systems, sensor detection fields, instrumentation fields, intelligent control fields and national defense industry fields.

Ⅱ. The features of 1*N magneto optical switch

The 1*N magneto optical switch relates to a fast magneto optical switch and provides an optical switch mainly used in high-speed all-optical communication networks, the input port of the input device and the output port of the output device are both externally connected with optical fibers, which has the advantages of low polarization sensitivity, no moving parts, small insertion loss, fast response speed, high degree of integration, small crosstalk, and small size, it can meet the requirements of strong anti-interference ability, low driving voltage, high stability, simple and reliable circuit design, and long-term continuous operation. In order to speed up the switching and reduce the required switching energy respectively, the problem of magnetic domains with opposite signs at the beginning of the conversion process is avoided. Only half the energy of the traditional switch can realize the switching of the switch state, which can save energy and has high efficiency, low power consumption, easy integration of control signals as well as good control effect.

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