How to Prolong the Service Life of Fiber Optic Patch Cord?

The connection plugs on both ends of a fiber optic cable are referred to as the fiber optic patch cord. SC, FC, SC, MTRJ, LC, and other varieties of fiber optic patch cords are extensively used in fiber optic communication. Fiber optic patch cords have a strong protective covering and are commonly used to connect the optical terminator to the terminal.

1. How to increase the service life of fiber optic patch cords?

Singlemode and multimode fiber optic patch cords are available. The color of the single-mode fiber optic patch cord is yellow, while the color of the multimode fiber optic patch cord is orange. Fiber optic patch cord is a soft fiber optic cable that is mostly used for indoor cabling.

The connector on a fiber optic patch cord is more brittle, therefore maintaining it is more difficult than with regular network patch cords.

(1) When utilizing fiber optic patch cord cabling, the joints of the optical fibers must be coated with protective sleeves to prevent oil and dust contamination, which can harm the coupling of the fibres and reduce transmission speed and distance.

(2) If the fiber optic patch cord joints become dusty, it will harm the transmission effect; thus, to protect the joints, it is recommended to clean them with alcohol rather than water if they become dirty accidently.

(3) To protect the core and core end face from bruising and pollution, and to disassemble and deliver the dust cap in a timely manner.

(4) When wiring optical fibres, strive to make the line as straight as possible and minimize the number of bends. If you wish to bend the fiber, the radius should not exceed 30MM; otherwise, the fiber core will be damaged, and the transmission speed of light will be affected.

(5) Arrange the optical fibre in such a way that it will not be stepped on and damaged.

Optical fibre has not yet totally replaced copper wire due to its high cost. Copper wire is still the preferred option for office, residential, community, and dormitory wiring. The installation and maintenance costs of a fiber optic patch wire are quite modest.

When it comes to transmission distances, fiber optics must still be considered and recommended.

2. Is it necessary to utilize the fiber optic patch cord in pairs?

A patch cord that connects devices to a fiber optic cabling link is known as a fiber optic patch cord. It is commonly used to connect the optical terminal to the terminal box and features connectors on both ends and a thick protective coating.

Fiber optic patch cords are typically used in pairs, but this is not always the case in practice. The usage of fiber optic patch cables in pairs is usually tied to the equipment that will be attached to it, and general optical transmission is a receipt and a transmission, used in pairs, even when the equipment, such as video optical transceivers, requires it.

For multimode fiber optic transmission, pairs of fiber optic patch cords are necessary, however for single-mode fiber optic transmission, a single fiber optic patch cord is sufficient.

A fiber optic patch cord is actually a relatively short piece of communication fiber, but it is dubbed a fiber optic patch cord since the distance between two fiber optic communication equipment is shorter.

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