Have You Ever Used the 2D Fiber Array? Come to Meisu to Buy it Now!

. Properties of 2D fiber array

1. Suitable for optical fibers of SM, MM, and PM

2. Arbitrary fiber length and spacing

3. Low PDL insertion loss

4. Compact structure

The fiber array is commonly used in planar optical waveguide, arrayed waveguide grating, active/passive arrayed fiber device, silicon optical integration module, micro-electro-mechanical system, multi-channel optical module, etc. Thereinto, the 2D fiber array is one of the important components in the optical switching system.

Ⅱ. Advantages of Meisu fiber array

At present, we can provide a high-precision grinding shaft for optical fiber, and also glue the optical fiber together for grinding and polishing. Our high-precision shafting equipment can complete a polarization-maintaining fiber shaft with an angle deviation of better than 0.5deg, and our end surface observation instrument can ensure the end surface grinding quality to meet special application fields, for example, interferometer. At the same time, our machining accuracy can reach the spacing as small as 5um. Meanwhile, we also customize different connectors for different application requirements of customers. Welcome to contact us to customize the fiber array unit.

Our 2D fiber array series, including 2D fiber array 170, fiber collimator and fiber bundle, can provide you with a variety of options. Our Meisu products can effectively perform optical cross connection for applications in spectroscopy, astronomy, and biomedical imaging. Please feel free to contact us, and we will spare no efforts to help you find the best 2D matrix v groove array for your specific application!

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