Classification, Application and Characteristics of MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cords

In order to meet the high-density and high-efficiency optical cable connection requirements of high-speed and large-capacity optical communication systems, MPO optical fiber jumpers came into being. MPO jumper uses multi-core technology, not only 8 cores/12 cores, but even 72 cores or more. The MTP/MPO high-density wiring system is a rapid on-site configuration of high-density optical fiber jumpers and ribbon cables. It is an ideal solution to meet the needs of data centers in the context of the continuous increase of high-capacity wiring in user data centers.

Ⅰ. Classification and product display of MPO jumpers

1. According to application: MPO trunk fiber jumper and MPO branch fiber jumper. As the permanent connection of the MTP/MPO module, the trunk fiber jumper can flexibly change the connection form on the fiber optic panel. Breakout patch cords provide a transition between multi-fiber patch cords to single patch cords or duplex connectors.

2. According to the connection type: transfer type and non-transfer type. The transfer MPO jumper includes ribbon or bundled MPO fiber jumper, and 2~24-core 0.9 or 2.0 fiber optic cable branches can be transferred through the splitter. The connector types can be selected from LC, SC, FC, and ST.

Ⅱ. The application field of MPO jumper

The compact design of the MPO jumper enables it to have a large number of cores and a small volume. It is widely used in the environment where high-density integrated optical fiber lines are required during the wiring process, and the connection applications within the transceiver equipment such as FTTX, 40/100G SFP, and SFP+.

It is used in computer room, HDA wiring area, IDC data center, data transmission, etc.

Ⅲ. Product features of MPO jumper

1. Grinding the A-grade end face: using Japanese imported grinding equipment and grinding materials, MPO plane connector, the ferrule end face is in a plane grinding state, and the advanced manufacturing process ensures more stable transmission.

2. Good transfer conductor. Imported fiber core, Japanese and American ferrules, strict testing standards to ensure product quality, high-end data does not lose packets, perfect 40G, avoid interference, high resolution.

3. The environmental protection and high quality of MPO jumper. LSZH low-smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant, and environment-friendly optical cable sheath eliminates external signal interference and provides transparent, stable, agile, and natural transmission.

4. Square humanized design. Square mouth to mouth, strong versatility, meet most of the equipment with optical fiber interface on the market.

5. Compact design, compact connector design, one MPO/MTP connector can accommodate 12 cores, easy to plug and unplug, easy to install and remove.

6. Dust cap protection. The connector is matched with a dust cap to protect the end face of the connector from damage and other phenomena, so that the service life of the wire is longer. Attenuation is smaller.

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