Application Scope and Wiring Considerations of MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Simply put, fiber optic patch cord is a medium between equipment and fiber optic cable equipment, with a thick protective layer. Generally used in the connections between ONU devices and terminal boxes, it is applied in fiber optic communication systems, fiber optic access networks, fiber optic data transmission, and local area networks, among other fields.

The scope of application of MPO patch cord

MPO is used in the interconnection of optical active equipment between different buildings of enterprises, optical link communication in communication base stations, residential district and industrial park equipment rooms, commercial building equipment rooms, dense fiber optic communication systems, cable TV networks, telecom LANs, WANs, FTTx, etc.

Pay attention to the following points during the wiring process of MPO patch cord

  • Try to avoid removing the dust cap of the optical fiber MPO jumper before docking. Do not remove the dust cap of the adapter interface that has been connected to the adapter panel without docking.

  • In addition to normal docking, do not let the connector grinding end face come into contact or scrape with any other objects.

  • If there is foreseeable end face contamination, try to use dedicated cleaning tools or dust-free paper soaked in anhydrous ethanol for cleaning. Do not use tissues, cotton swabs, ordinary cotton balls, etc. for end face cleaning.

  • When docking the connector, confirm the orientation of the connector positioning key, and insert it along the axis of the adapter or socket panel. Do not repeatedly insert or remove it in a situation where the end face cannot be viewed.

  • When inserting the MPO jumper connector into the adapter, pay attention to gripping the tail sleeve of the connector, and when pulling it out, grip the outer shell of the connector.

  • When bending the cable, keep the bending radius equal to or greater than 20 times the cable outer diameter.

  • When bundling the cable, keep the tightness suitable, and the outer skin of the cable should not show serious deformation.

  • When perforating or threading the cable, use the method of pushing and pulling simultaneously. Do not drag or push the cable forcefully, to prevent scraping causing damage to the cable.

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