What Are the Types of MPO Jumpers?

1. Introduction of MPO jumper

MPO fiber jumper, MPO (Multi-fiberPushOn) connector is one of the MT series connectors. The MT series ferrules use two guide holes and guide pins with a diameter of 0.7mm on the left and right sides of the ferrule end face (also called PIN pin) for precise connection.

MPO connectors and fiber optic cables can be processed to produce various forms of MPO patch cords. MPO jumper can have 2~12 core design, it can be 24 cores, up to 36 cores, currently the most used is the 12 core MPO connector. The compact design of the MPO connector enables the MPO jumper to have a large number of cores and a small volume.

MPO jumpers are widely used in FTTX, 40/100GSFP, SFP+ and other transceiver modules or connection applications inside and outside the equipment in environments that require high-density integrated optical fiber lines in the wiring process.

2. The classification of MPO jumper

MPO fiber optic jumpers are divided into transfer type and non-transfer type. There are many types of transfer MPO jumpers, including ribbon MPO jumpers, bundled MPO jumpers, and PO fan-out through splitters (round or square). Jumper, generally can transfer 2~24 core 0.9 or 2.0 optical cable branch, the connector type is specified by the customer, optional FC, LC, SC, ST and other types, the total length of MPO jumper or branch length and other requirements are optional Customer choice.

Various MPO fiber patch cords, MPO patch cords, MTP types, MTP 10 Gigabit patch cords, multi-mode 10 Gigabit patch cords, MPO patch cords with splitter and other forms of MPO patch cord products.

The application of MPO optical fiber jumper is the local area network wiring between different buildings of the enterprise, optical active equipment, the wiring in the optical link interconnection communication base station, the wiring in the wiring box, the optical signal connection in the residential area, the industrial park computer room, and the commercial building computer room , Building dense wiring system, optical fiber communication system, cable television network, telecommunication network, local area network (LANs), wide area network (WANs), FTTx.

As an advanced technology enterprise, Meisu owns a number of patented technologies. All of our extensive experience and expertise in ultra-precise assembly allows us to provide fiber array subassemblies and other optical devices for diverse fields such as optical communications, biological/chemical sensing, and laser imaging. Knowing that the world of customers is changing rapidly, we constantly challenge ourselves to meet the needs of customers with innovative designs, and always spare no effort in research and development.

MEISU is becoming an important player in the fiber optic assembly and PM fiber optic assembly business. We have established cooperative relationships with more than 500 companies from various fields at home and abroad, and we are committed to providing customers with additional value by providing reliable products such as an optical jumper and first-class services. If necessary, welcome to consult.

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