Features and Application Configuration of 2D Optical Fiber Array

2D (two-dimensional) fiber array is a kind of microlens array using end faces in large multicast switches and is a connecting device for realizing large-scale switching through multi-path collimated light.

Optical fibers are inserted into the array of micropores arranged in the X-axis and Y-axis directions with high-precision pitch tolerance, which is achieved by drilling holes in glass or ceramic sheets with high precision of 1 micron.

We can design the lens array according to the optical design of each simulation test as required, and we can also design the lens array for 2D collimator array.

Characteristics of 2D fiber array

1. Any pattern

2. Core spacing determined by the customer

3. The spacing accuracy is less than 2μm

4. Type of optical fiber: SM/mm/PM;

5. Compact design

6. Customized solutions;

7. Various materials (glass/ceramics).

The 2D fiber array usually includes two-dimensional microporous glass/ceramic plate, metal shell and M * N opt cal fiber, and described in a two-dimensional microporous glass block for fixing fibers. Two-dimensional porous glass/ceramic plates are usually equipped with a plurality of micropores of 2D fiber array. The M*N optical fiber passes through the small hole and is fixed with adhesive. The metal shell is used as the support and protective cover of the optical fiber.

The application of 2D fiber array

Widely used in optical waveguide devices, integrated optics, optical imaging and other fields, it is also the key component of two-dimensional optical collimator array. These array fiber collimators can be bonded into a two-dimensional array with high precision, so all optical channels are parallel.

In these modules, the optical fibers at one end of the optical cable are arranged in a two-dimensional (2D) pattern. Patterns can be arbitrarily complicated, only limited by the imagination of customers. However, once the design, manufacturing and assembly issues are considered, it is usually possible to balance the required performance, the limitations of current processing technology and the customer budget.

Configuration of 2D fiber array (in the order of increasing of complexity and cost)

1. Closely packed fiber regular rectangular grid

2. A set of linear arrays;

3. Regular rectangular fiber grids spaced apart in two dimensions;

Applications: Multichannel spectroscopy; Astronomy; High-throughput sampling; Biomedical imaging.

Similarly, the optical fibers from this fiber array can be routed, selected, ordered in any order and divided into multiple branches.

As an advanced technology enterprise, Zhongshan Meisu Technology Co., Ltd. has a number of patented technologies. All our rich experience and expertise in ultra-precision assembly enable us to provide fiber array subassemblies and other optical equipment for different fields such as optical communication, biological/chemical sensing, and laser imaging. Knowing that the customer's world is changing rapidly, we constantly challenge ourselves, meet the customer's needs with innovative design, and spare no effort in research and development. If interested, consultation is welcomed.

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