OLP Module

OLP Module
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1. Optical Line Protection Equipment

Optical Line Protection Equipment is developed by our company for the application of optical line backup protection system. It adopts the most advanced auto-switching optical line module, which is widely used for the interchange switch between main and backup lines and can automatically identify the signal from main line or backup line. With instantaneous interchange switch, it can keep the system run as normal as before when the main optical links completely break down, which improves the service quality of the network operator. OLP has been widely applied at trunk link protection between main line and backup line and optical link switching network system. It has the advantages of signals that can be directly converted for use within the optical line, small volumes, economy and data safety, so it has been widely used in optical transmission fields.


Main line: Primary Path         Backup line: Secondary Path

OLP adopts the design of 1 U-high and can be installed into a standard LGX metal chassis. It applies at 1+1 optical line backup system(1:1 optical line backup system). When the optical main line breaks down, It can maintain the signal transmission by automatically switch to backup line.


2.  Dual 1:1 Protection Illustration


Low loss structure



High loss structure

3. Functional Features

u       Indicator light shows the status of optical line at the port

u       The main equipments at receiving site have a modes for switching: automatic

u       The automatic switch time is less than 10ms

u       Dual hot redundancy power supply and hot-pluggable


4. Technical Parameter

System Parameter

Technical Index

Calibration Wavelength

1310nm &1550nm

Insertion Loss at Transmitting side

< 1.5dB

Insertion Loss at receiving side

< 1.5dB

Return Loss



> 55dB

Polarization Loss


Detecting Range of optical Power


Switching time

< 10ms

Auto-switching Threshold Power

-30dBm or Customer specified

Switching Mode


Input/Output Optical Access Port

LC/PCLC/APC; Single-mode fiber

Product's Dimension

LGX metal box

Environmental Requirement

Operating Temperature

-10 ~ 70

Storage Temperature

-40 ~ 80

Relative Humidity

5% ~ 95% no-condensing

Power Supply (Standard)


Safety and EMC

Compliant with FCC,UL,CE,TUV,CSA Standards

Power Consumption

< 5W